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Application Questions

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Move-in Fees

When should I start looking for a home?

We suggest you start looking about 1-2 months prior to your move. We will only hold the property for 10-15 days from the availability date. If the property is occupied this may be right in your range. In some cases the Owner may hold the property for up to one month, but they may negotiate a higher rent rate to do so.

What homes do you have available?

We have available rental properties all over the Phoenix area, mostly in the northwest valley. You can search for a home by location, by clicking on Location Search, or search for a home by price by clicking on Price Search. We update our listings weekly, so be sure to check back for new properties.

How do I make an appointment to see a home?

If the property is occupied, we will call the resident and ask them to schedule an appointment with you. The tenant is not obligated to show the property so we will have to work with their schedule. If the property is vacant we will have an agent get your information and schedule an appointment. Appointments are between 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday. In some cases we can have an agent schedule an appointment for after office hours.

How do I rent the home?

The first step to renting a property is to submit an application for residency. If your application is approved you will pay the security deposit to take the property off the market.

How long is the lease?

In most cases the lease length is 12 months from the date of move-in. In some cases the Owner may negotiate a shorter lease for a higher rent rate. In some cases the Owner will allow a longer lease. Each property is different, so please check with our office.

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How do I get an application?

You can print out an application on our website by clicking on Rental Application, or we can fax, email or mail you an application.

What do I need to submit with my application?

All documents must be submitted with your application before we will begin to process. For a list of what we need, please click on Application Checklist.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. The application fee is $40.00 per adult. Acceptable payment is cashier’s check, or money order only. We do not accept cash, personal check, debit or credit cards. The application fee is non-refundable. No exception will be made.

What kind of credit do I need to qualify?

Each property is owned separately, so the Owner will make the final decision on you application. While we can’t pre-qualify you here a few guidelines we use:

  • No open bankruptcies
  • We will look at all negative accounts, the date of the account, and the type of account.
  • Medical collections are given a little more leniency.
  • We’ll look at your total debt divided by your annual income, for a debt to income ratio. Ideal ratios are 40% and under. We do not include mortgages or student loans in this ratio, and auto loans are taken into consideration.

How long will you hold the property for?

We will only hold the property 10-15 days from the availability date listed. If the Owner agrees to hold the property longer, they may negotiate a higher rent rate.

What do you look at on the application?

There are a variety of things that are looked at on the application, such as:

  • Landlord history, going back at least 2 years.
  • Income, looking at your monthly gross income, we multiply by 30% to see what you qualify for.
  • Credit history, looking at each individual account status, balance owed, and total debt owed.
  • Criminal and eviction background.

Do you allow roommates?

Roommates are permitted, but each roommate must qualify separately. All couples that are unmarried are considered roommates.

How can I submit my application?

You can drop your application off at 16165 N. 83rd Avenue, Suite 200, Peoria, AZ 85382.  This office is not staffed by PMC so it is essential you complete the application in its entirety and submit all necessary information. There is a receptionist not staffed by PMC, only there to accept drop offs and mail.  The hours are as follows: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm, closed on Saturday and Sunday and major holidays. Please be aware there is no after hours drop slot.  You can fax your application to our office, but we will not start until we have received the application fee. You may also mail your application to our mailbox.

How long does the application process take?

Normal processing takes 1-2 business days.  Delays may occur if we are unable to reach the Owner for a decision.  Delays may also occur if the applicant does not submit all required information with the application.

Do you allow co-signers?

Co-signers are permitted, but they must be local (Phoenix metro area).  We qualify the co-signers separate from the applicant.

What do I do if my application is approved?

Once we call you to inform you the application has been approved, we will set up a time to meet with you to sign the lease and pay the security deposit.  The property will stay on the market until the lease is signed and the deposit is paid. Acceptable payment for move-in funds is cashier’s check or money order only.

What do I do if my application is declined?

If your application is declined you can make an offer for additional rent to be paid up front to see if the Owner will reconsider their decision. You may also use your application towards any of our other rental properties, as those Owners may approve you. We will mail you a letter that you can use to get a free copy of your credit report from Credit Data Southwest.

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Are pets permitted?

In most cases pets are permitted. For a specific pet/property, please contact our office.

Is there a pet fee?

Yes. There is a $200 non-refundable pet fee per pet. In some cases the Owner may negotiate the pet fee. This pet fee does not cover damages; any damages will be deducted from the refundable security deposit.

What if I want a pet later?

You must submit a request in writing to our office. If the Owner approves the request you may have your pet and you will need to send in the $200 pet fee with the next rental payment.

What if I don’t disclose a pet? 

There is a $300 fine for each undisclosed pet, and you must immediately remove the pet from the property. No exceptions will be made.

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What is the non-refundable redecorating fee for?

This is a non-refundable fee to cover the normal wear and tear of your occupancy. This fee includes work for nail hole repair and paint touch up. Any damages will be deducted from you refundable deposit.

Is there a cleaning deposit?

No. The refundable security deposit also acts as a cleaning deposit.

What will be deducted from my refundable security deposit?

Carpet cleaning is automatically deducted from the refundable security deposit. In addition, any damages, unpaid rent, or eviction costs may also be deducted. If the property is left in a clean undamaged condition the deposit is refunded less the carpet cleaning charge.

How much do I pay to take the property off the market?

To take the property off the market you will need to pay the security deposit and sign the lease.

Will you do a payment arrangement?

In some cases the Owner will agree to a payment arrangement. All payment arrangements must be submitted in writing with the application for the Owner to review.

How much is the total move-in?

Your normal move-in costs will include:

  • First month’s rent plus tax
  • Non-refundable redecorating fee (may be included in the security deposit)
  • Non-refundable pet fee (if applicable)
  • Refundable security deposit

How much is the rental tax?

Rental tax varies by city, ranging from 1.4% - 3%. Rental tax is added to your monthly rent, late charges, and any other charges you may incur. Rental tax is subject to change at any time.

Is there anything included with the rent?

In most cases utilities are not included with the rental payment. If the property is located in an HOA, we will pay the dues. If the property has a pool, we will pay the pool chemical service.

What type of payment is acceptable?

Acceptable payments for the monthly rent include: personal check, cashier’s check, and money order. We do not accept cash, credit or debit.

How do I send you payment?

You can drop your payment off at 16165 N. 83rd Avenue, Suite 200, Peoria, AZ 85382. There is a receptionist on site, not staffed by Pruitt Management, only there to accept drop offs and mail. The hours are as follows: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm, closed on Saturday and Sunday and major holidays. Please be aware there is no after hours drop slot. You may also mail your payment to our mailbox.

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Prices and availability are subject to change between updates.  For the most updated page you may need to refresh your browser.
Last updated 11/10/2021